11 Signs God May Not Be Blessing Your Married Life

11 Signs God May Not Be Blessing Your Married Life

11 Signs God May Not Be Blessing Your Married Life


In the journey of marriage, couples often seek signs of God's blessing and guidance to navigate through their shared life. While a Christian marriage aims to reflect God’s love and principles, there are moments when challenges and struggles may seem to overshadow His blessings. It’s in these times that we turn to our faith, perhaps symbolized by the personalized bible covers that protect our sacred scriptures or the Christian totes and handbags we carry to church, seeking answers and signs. In this blog, we explore 11 signs that may indicate God’s blessings are not currently manifesting in your married life, along with guidance on how to realign with His will.

1. Lack of Peace and Joy

Despite the external markers of faith in your life, from the armor of God bible cover protecting your Bible to the Christian purse you carry, an ongoing lack of peace and joy within your marriage can be a sign.

2. Constant Conflict

Conflict is natural, but when it becomes the norm rather than the exception, it might indicate a deeper issue.

3. Spiritual Disconnection

When you and your spouse no longer share spiritual practices or moments of faith, such as reading the Bible together from a personalized bible cover, it could signal a drift from God's blessings.

4. Absence of Growth

Just as a bible cover protects and maintains the integrity of the Bible, a blessed marriage should protect and encourage the growth of both individuals.

5. Neglect of Covenant Commitments

Marriage is a covenant, not just with each other but also with God. Neglecting these commitments can be a crucial sign.

6. Financial Disharmony

While financial struggles are common, consistent disharmony over finances may reflect a deeper spiritual misalignment.

7. Lack of Forgiveness

Holding onto grudges and the inability to forgive can block the blessings intended for your marriage.

8. Isolation from Community

Isolating from your faith community, where you might otherwise carry your Christian tote to service, can be a sign of moving away from God’s blessing.

9. Disrespect for Each Other

Respect is foundational in a Christian marriage, and a loss of this respect can indicate a lack of God's blessing.

10. Unwillingness to Seek Help

Pride or fear that prevents seeking help, be it counseling or guidance from spiritual leaders, can hinder God's blessings in your marriage.

11. Dependency on Materialism

When material possessions, such as the latest bible covers for women or the trendiest Christian handbag, become a priority over your relationship and faith, it's a warning sign.

Realigning with God’s Blessing

[This section will offer guidance on how to address these signs, seek God’s blessing anew, and realign your marriage with His will, suggesting practical steps such as prayer, counseling, and re-engaging with the community.]


Recognizing these signs is the first step towards inviting God's blessings back into your marriage. It’s about more than just the symbols of our faith, like the armor of God bible cover or the personalized bible covers we cherish; it’s about embodying the principles of love, forgiveness, and commitment that these symbols represent. By acknowledging where we've strayed and seeking to mend those gaps, we open our hearts to the blessings God has in store for our marriages.

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