7 Things That Make You Lose Faith in People and Commandments to Help Heal That Faith

7 Things That Make You Lose Faith in People and Commandments to Help Heal That Faith

In the intricate landscape of our lives, one of the most delicate aspects is our faith in people. As we navigate the challenges of this world, we often encounter situations and behaviors that can erode our trust and faith in others. But it's crucial to remember that a lack of faith can lead to isolation and missed opportunities for growth and connection.

In this post, we'll explore seven common factors that can diminish our faith in people and provide a set of commandments to help mend that faith and rebuild trust in the world around us.

1. Betrayal: The Shatterer of Trust

Betrayal is perhaps the most profound reason for losing faith in people. When someone you trusted implicitly lets you down, it can be a heart-wrenching experience. To heal this wound, we must embrace the commandment of forgiveness. Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting, but it's a step toward rebuilding trust. Understand that everyone is fallible, including yourself.

2. Deception: A Web of Lies

Deception and dishonesty are corrosive to any relationship. To rebuild trust, the commandment of honesty is paramount. Cultivate a reputation for honesty and integrity in your own actions, and seek out the same qualities in others.

3. Selfishness: The Antithesis of Empathy

Selfishness can make us lose faith in humanity. To heal this wound, we must practice the commandment of empathy. Try to understand others' perspectives and feelings. Recognize that people are driven by their own needs, fears, and desires, just like you. By empathizing, we can bridge the gap between ourselves and others.

4. Inconsistency: The Unpredictable Behavior

Inconsistency in a person's behavior can lead to skepticism. The commandment of consistency encourages us to be reliable and predictable in our own actions, as well as to seek out those who display this virtue. Trust is built on a foundation of dependability.

5. Broken Promises: Words without Deeds

When promises are broken, faith can shatter. The commandment of integrity dictates that we must honor our commitments and hold others to the same standard. By upholding promises and expecting the same from those around us, we can restore trust.

6. Lack of Accountability: The Blame Game

Avoiding responsibility for one's actions can erode faith in people. The commandment of accountability calls for owning up to our mistakes and encouraging others to do the same. It's in admitting our errors and learning from them that we find growth and rebuild trust.

7. Prejudice: The Barrier to Unity

Prejudice and discrimination can lead to a loss of faith in the collective humanity. The commandment of inclusivity reminds us to embrace diversity and reject prejudiced beliefs and behaviors. By respecting the uniqueness of others and seeking to understand their experiences, we can create a more inclusive and trusting world.


In a world where faith in people can be tested daily, it's vital to remember that trust can be rebuilt, and faith can be restored. By following these commandments of forgiveness, honesty, empathy, consistency, integrity, accountability, and inclusivity, we can mend the fractures in our trust and rebuild our faith in people. Remember, the world is full of both darkness and light, and we have the power to nurture the trust and faith that can illuminate our path.

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