7 Lessons from Jesus' Approach to Choosing People

7 Lessons from Jesus' Approach to Choosing People

7 Lessons from Jesus' Approach to Choosing People


When Jesus walked the Earth, His approach to choosing His disciples and followers was unconventional, yet full of profound wisdom. This strategy was not just about assembling a team; it was a testament to the values and principles that He wanted to instill in the world. Today, as we navigate our lives, surrounded by the modern-day equivalents of Bible covers and Christian totes, there's much we can learn from Jesus' method of selecting those closest to Him. In this blog post, we delve into seven key lessons from Jesus’ approach, exploring how they can inform our interactions, leadership, and personal growth. From the personalized Bible covers that guard our sacred texts to the armor of God bible cover that symbolizes our spiritual protection, each element can remind us of these timeless lessons.

1. Look Beyond Appearances

Jesus saw potential where others saw limitations. His choice of fishermen as disciples is a testament to looking beyond societal status or occupation. In a world where Christian totes and personalized Bible covers represent our faith externally, Jesus teaches us to value the heart and spirit of a person over their outward appearance.

2. Value Diversity

The disciples were a diverse group, each bringing different perspectives and backgrounds. This diversity was their strength. Similarly, our Christian handbags and Bible covers for women come in various designs and styles, reflecting the diversity within the Christian community and the universal appeal of Jesus’ message.

3. Embrace Imperfections

Jesus chose individuals who were not perfect. Peter denied Him, and Thomas doubted Him, yet they were integral to His mission. This teaches us the power of grace and redemption. An armor of God bible cover might protect our Bible, but Jesus’ teaching protects our spirit, encouraging us to embrace our imperfections and grow from them.

4. Foster Growth and Learning

Jesus didn’t choose the learned or the scholars; He chose those willing to learn and grow. The children's personalized Bible cover symbolizes the beginning of a journey in faith, reminding us that growth in spirituality and character is a continuous journey, not a destination.

5. Leadership is Service

Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, a powerful act of humility and service. He chose those who were willing to serve, not to be served. Every Christian purse and tote we carry can be a symbol of our service to others, embodying the leadership Jesus exemplified.

6. Commitment Over Convenience

Jesus’ followers were chosen for their willingness to leave everything behind and follow Him. This lesson underscores the importance of commitment to our faith and values, even when it's not convenient. As we protect our Bibles with personalized covers, we're reminded of the commitment required to live out its teachings.

7. Faith in Potential

Finally, Jesus saw and believed in the potential of His followers, even before they could see it themselves. This teaches us to have faith in the potential of others and ourselves, nurturing and supporting it into fruition. Like the armor of God bible cover that shields our Bible, our faith in Jesus shields us, guiding us to fulfill our potential.


Jesus’ way of choosing people offers timeless lessons on leadership, diversity, humility, and faith. In today’s world, as we adorn our Bibles with personalized covers and carry our Christian totes, let’s remember the deeper lessons these choices embody. By applying Jesus’ approach to our lives, we can foster communities that are inclusive, forgiving, and committed to growth and service.

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